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LaCroix, Levy & Barnett,LLC

LaCroix, Levy & Barnett, LLC was originally founded in 1990 to provide the people of Central Louisiana with effective, top quality, legal representation.  Since that time, we’ve helped thousands of clients all across Louisiana to enforce their legal rights, protect their families and recover personal injury damages.  

We take a straightforward approach to the law.  We will answer all your questions and clearly explain the law and your rights.  Then, whether it means getting your car fixed,  negotiating a favorable settlement or taking your case all the way to trial, our job is to get it done. 

Call us today!  You’ll speak directly to a lawyer and the consultation is completely free. 



With over 100 years of combined experience, the lawyers of LaCroix, Levy & Barnett, LLC have the expertise and understanding that it takes to win. We are passionate about our work and we dedicate our time and our talents to helping our clients. Whether it’s a serious personal injury case or a family law matter, our lawyers understand the law and the profound importance of your case to you and your family.


Smaller is better. Smaller is personal.

You can call us directly or come into the office and meet us before you hire us.   And you can look us in the eye, ask questions and get straight answers.  At a smaller firm, you come first.  At LaCroix, Levy & Barnett , LLC we know you.  In fact, your case is always our priority - not just one of many.  We explain what to expect and keep you informed every step of the way.

Smaller is Focused.

We don’t take all kinds of cases.  Only Personal injury and Family law.  That’s our expertise and our passion.  We’ve put in the years of hard work and dedication and our clients appreciate the results.

The results are big.

Millions of dollars in settlements and judgments.  Thousands of satisfied clients.  So satisfied that over 95% of our cases come from the recommendations of previous clients.   

Call us today at  318-443-7615 or SUBMIT A SHORT AND SIMPLE CASE FORM HERE and see what we can do for you.


Our attorneys are ready now to help you. With over 100 years combined legal experience, we’ve helped thousands of people enforce their rights and get the money they deserve. We handle cases throughout Louisiana and across the South. The consultation is free and we will answer all your questions. To learn more about our lawyers, just click their profile.