When you visit the premises of a business — whether it’s a retail store, restaurant or other business — you expect to be safe. You expect the property owners will maintain their floors, shelves and property so that you and your loved ones are not in danger. 

Under Louisiana law, businesses have a duty to exercise care to keep their premises reasonably safe and must make an effort to keep the premises free of any hazardous conditions which might cause injury.  Additionally, all stores are required to take reasonable measures to protect you from any hazard that they create themselves. These hazards include slippery floors and defective or badly maintained walkways, shelves, steps and ramps.  

If a property owner is negligent and you are injured because of that negligence, you may have a valid premises liability case.  For instance, if the floor is being mopped, or is not yet dry after being mopped, failure to post a wet floor could be negligence.   If there is a dangerous area of the store, the failure to post warning signs could be negligence.  Falling merchandise caused by employees or by improperly stocked shelves can also be negligence.

If you are injured at a commercial establishment, you should take photos, file a complaint with the store and seek medical attention. Then call us for a free consultation to fully discuss your case.  At LaCroix, Levy & Barnett, LLC we will carefully review the facts with you and explore your options for recovery. Whether your accident occurred in a store or on a parking lot, a sidewalk, or anywhere else, we can advise you of your legal rights and take action against the parties at fault.  

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