The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported 475,000 large truck traffic accidents in the U.S. with 3,864 fatalities.  A single large truck can be responsible for causing a pile-up crash that involves numerous vehicles and causes untold injuries. The legal truck weight is 80,000 pounds, and this weight, alone, makes any accident potentially deadly.

After an accident, trucking companies have the money and resources to thoroughly investigate an accident. The problem is that a trucking company may know how to avoid responsibility.  Trained investigators can put the company’s spin on the facts with the purpose of minimizing the trucking company’s liability. These investigators swoop in to interview witnesses on the accident scene and photograph and record information. This process can be used by the trucking company to build its own case before victims can even find an attorney.

After any accident, it is in your best interest to speak with an experienced attorney.  But, in accidents involving large trucks, it is important to call a lawyer as soon as possible.  Time really can be of the essence.  We can assess your case, advise you how to proceed, and begin a thorough investigation. 

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